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CLASS OF 1963 60th REUNION !!

Due to the enthusiasm, if not dogged determination, of Will Norfolk, with help from the Ex-Students' Ass'n,  this very successful event was  held at the School on Saturday 2  September 2023 

Group photo before Robert Jolly arrived,..........reading  from the back

Yvonne Elliott (Kirkham), John Martin and Sandra Giles (Johnston)

Peter Smith, Ross Fotheringham, Robert Bluer, Bernard Bolch, Terry Tovey and Rosalind Terry

Faye Chandley (Pyke), Bill Hall, Noel Goldsmith, Leonie Goldsmith (Smithies), Deirdre Tolmer (Litchfield) and Shirley Watts (Adams)

Miranda Tolmer (Deirdre’s daughter), Bill Norfolk and Greta Jungwirth (de Vries), DHSESA President


Please Click on this       LINK    to see Bill's comprehensive report of the event, together with the full collection of photos.

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 from page 12 of the Dandenong Star Journal, dated 29 August 2023

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Event November 2022
CLASS OF 2002  This article appeared in Edition 101, February 2023, of the DHSESA Newsletter)