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   PHOTOS 2      

(1960 onwards) 


Similarly to the previous "Photos" page, in this section ex students and former staff are invited to contribute photographs of their (or family member’s) days at DHS.  These photos will be of immense interest to other former staff and students. Please take the time therefore, to clearly identify the year and form, or other context that might apply to the photo .  These can either be formal class photos, or others from your personal "school days" collection.


Photos should preferably be sent in digital format, ie, via e-mail.  If you only have hard copy photos it would assist if you could arrange to scan them first before e-mailing to the address below:

  Otherwise you can post to Dandenong High School Ex Students Association, P O Box 383 Dandenong, 3175.




Email Address: dhsexstudents@gmail.com 





As far as possible photos and "links" to photos are arranged in chronological order.  Simply scroll through to find your time at school.


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The "New" building.  Completed in 1958.

Photo taken 50 years later, not long before it was demolished, to make way for the next round of new buildings.









 1960 1D                                                                        From Frances Benson (Froukje Van de Vrugt)

 Froukje is 1st on the left in the 3rd row.

 1960 1F                                                                            From Anna Pereboom (Veldman)

 1960 2A                                                         From Bill Nicoll (Names from Joan Van Der Horn (Campbell)

4th Row:

Harry Westerndorp, Frank Wells, Bill Andrews, Jeff Batten, Stephen McIntosh, Kevin Curtis, Gordon Griffin, Bill Nicol, Barry Gilchrist, Les Midro, Graham Oliver,

3rd Row:

Janet Byrne, Leonie Booker, Carol Robertson, Joan Campbell, Judy Connelly, Robyn Brown, Greta Van Wanderin, Doreen Bland, Jeanette White, Margaret Osborne, Elaine Leslie,

2nd Row:

Dennis Mills, John Dalton, Joseph Leczeski, Brian Boote, Marion Law, Eve Jelenik, Annette Dean, Peter Thompson, Stan Wassylko, Richard Petrowski, Rodney Sheard,  Quentin Buckley


Janice Robinson, Sylvia Greaves, Pat Taylor, Elke Nissen, Rosseta Di Bortoli, Ian Watson, Mrs Barber, Cheryl Jackson, Pru Barlee, Heather Smith, Rosemary Kelly, Susan Stainsby


 1960 2D                                                                         From Bronwyn Mutton (Howie)

1960 - 2E                                                                                             From Andrew McVean

1960 - 3B                                                                                                                                 From John van Eiremen

 1960 - 3C                                                                                                                                                                                                              From Yvonne Elliott (Kirkham)

Names on photo

1960 3D                                                                                                                                                                          From  Carole  Mackenzie (Robin)
Carole is seated at the right of the class teacher.

 1960 4A

                   From Gary Matthews

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1960  5B                                                                                                                                                                                    From Wim Reyntjes
Back Row: John Adlam, Pat O’Brien, Robert Smith, Graeme Williams,  Anthony Mussert, Allan Elliott,    Allan Edgoose, John O’Brien, David Ryan, Ian Osborne
3rd Row: Tim Kupsch, Harry Denbrave, Luba Slipetzkyj, Ralph Sutcliffe, Daryl Hood, Lloyd Davies. Henry Licht, Trevor Fisher, Malcolm Pettigrove, C. Howard
2nd Row: T. Edwards, Andrew Rout, Graeme Brownfield, Gordon Lowing, Wim Reyntjes, Keith Reitsema, Peter Winter, Roy Couzens, Bernard Phillips, John Reid, Russell Hawkins.
Front Row: Colin Phillips, Tim Rogers, John Taylor, Bernard Seebeck, Mr L Smith, Richard Allen, Bruce Merat, R(ichard)? Sark, Ferenc Udvary, Andre Bokos

 1960 - FORM CAPTAINS                                                                                                                    from Margaret Rogers

 1960- FORM 6 - OLYMPIC PARK                                              from Russ Weber


1960- FORM 6                                                                                  from Margaret Rogers

 Back row L to R: Peter van Hoof, Graham Morden, Fred Noblet, John Andrews, Richard Almark, Allan Stocks, Roger Barlee, Anton Iseli , Waldermar Galloway                                                  3rd row:  Judith A’Vard, Jeanette Gibson, Evelyn Felbel, Liz Cox, Pam Carr, Lyndon Webb, Elizabeth Holdsworth, Pat Gaston Joan Alexander, Margaret Davies, Marilyn Norman                 2nd  row: Gael Thompson, Robert Wilson, Ivars Satins, Gary Huntingford, Ron Nethercott, Peter Holloway, Brian Semple, Leigh Ward, Lucien Czercawski, Joy Annear Annear                  Front: Kaye Longmuir, Joan Roberts,Grace Kermode, Jennifer Symons, Russell Weber, Mr Baines, Margaret Rogers,Maureen Gunton, Jennifer Bright, Denise Knight, Ursula Wahr

1960 STAFF   (Formal)                                                           From Bronwyn Mutton (Howie)

 1960 STAFF   (Informal)                                                       From Bronwyn Mutton (Howie)

 1961 - 2C                                                                                                      From Anna Pereboom (Veldman) 

  1.  1961 3A                                                   From Bill Nicoll (Names from Joan Van Der Horn (Campbell)

4th Row:

Gillian Fenny, Janet Byrne, Cheryl Jackson, Bill Andrews, Richard Knowles, Harry Westerndorp,  Quentin Buckley, Christine Clarke, Margaret Osborne, Elaine Leslie

3rd Row:

Ian Watt, John Beaumont, Les Midro, Ray Watschur, Stephen McIntosh, Peter Allen, Hank Bongers, Barry Gilchrist, Bill Nicol, David Hinton, Charles Williams,

2nd Row:

Rodney Sheard, John Dalton, Brian Wallis, Stan Wassylko, Brian Boote, Robert Grondman, Ian Watson, Joseph Leczseki,


Robyn Browne, Joan Campbell,  Rosemary Kelly, Janice Robinson, Pat Taylor, Mr Chesney, Pru Barlee, Eve Jelenik,Heather Smith, Marion Law, Carol Robertson.

 1961 - 3B                                                                                            From Andrew McVean

1961 - 4B                                                                                                                                                                            From John Van Eimeren

1961 - 4C                                                                                                                                                                                                 From Yvonne Elliott (Kirkham)

Names on Photo

1961  FORM 6                                                                                                                              From Wim Reyntjes

Back Row: - ? -, - ? -, Keith Hinton, Dianne Whittle, Len Makin, John Adlam, Margaret Fowler, - ? -,      - ? -, David Ryan.

Fourth Row: Ralph Sutcliffe, Jacqui Hawkes, Malcolm Pettigrove, Joan Tuinzing, Andre Bokos, Marjorie Pentland, Bernard Seebeck, - ? -, Anthony Mussert, - ? - Ferenc Udvary, Ruth Camp

Third Row: Henry Licht, Eunice Wood, John Taylor, Geraldine Perlstein, Bruce Merat, Judith Cummings, V. Rosalion, Barbara Creed, Graeme Brownfield, Paula Muskens, Daryl Hood, - ? -, Ken Harris

Second Row: Geraldine Phillips, Gordon Lowing, Heather Ross, Peter Holloway, - ? -, Mr Baines, Miss Mason, - ? -, Maureen Gunton, - ? -, Pam Kelly, Wim Reyntjes

Front Row: Harry Denbrave, - ? -, Peter Felbel, - ? -, Ian Osborne, Margery Richards, Richard Allen,     - ? -, Pat O’Brien, Gillian Ellett, Tim Kupsch, Juanita Twyford


 Form 6's Ferenc Udvary convincingly winning the 220 yards at Olympic Park

1961 STAFF                                                                                                                                                                From Bronwyn Mutton (Howie)

 1962 2C                                                                                                                                                                             From Ruth Schmalstieg (Geringhoff)

 1962 2D                                                                                                                                                                              From Ruth Schmalstieg (Geringhoff)


 1962 - 3C                                                                                    From Anna Pereboom (Veldman)

 1962 3D                                                                                                               From Frances Benson (Froukje Van de Vrugt)  

 Froukje in top row 2nd from left

 1962 4A                                                    From Bill Nicoll (Names from Joan Van Der Horn (Campbell)

4th Row:

Cornelius Van Eysdon, Bretton Symons, Ian Watt, Denis Mills, Les Midro, David Hinton, Charles Williams, Bill Andrews, Richard Nowell, Quenton Buckley

3rd Row:

Peter Allen, Margaret Osborne, Ray Watschur, Janet Byrne, Barrie Gilchrist, Margart Heath, Hank Bongers, Diane Wylie, Rodney Sheard, Elaine Leslie, Bill Nicol,

2nd Row:

Cheryl Jackson, Joan Campbell, Rosemary Kelly, Janice Robinson, Heather Smith, Mr Richardson, Pru Barlee, Eve Jelenik, Pat Taylor, Carol Robertson, Marion Law.


Harry Westerndorp,

 1962 - 4B                                                                                          From Andrew McVean

1962 - Form 5 Girls                                                                                                                                         from Yvonne Elliott (Kirkham)    

Names on Photo               

1962 - Form 5 Boys                                                                                                                             From Yvonne Elliott & John Van Eimeren

 1962 BOYS TENNIS                                                                                                                                        Max Oldmeadow     

 1962 FORM 6                                                                                                                                                                                                 From Greta Jungwirth


 1962 Senior Softball B                                                     From Bronwyn Mutton (Howie)

 1962 HOUSE CAPTAINS                                                              From Max Oldmeadow


1962 CLEMATIS HOUSE                                                                                                       From Pat Sum (Hickman)
Captains Robert Stewart and Dagnija Strazdins
1962 ORCHID HOUSE CAPTAINS                                                                                                   From Ted Hughes
                                                 Ted Hughes (V/Cap't) Luba Slipetskyj (Cap't) Greta deVries  (Cap't) Denise Nancarrow (V/Cap't)

 1962  GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                                                                                                  From 'The Gate'

 Note the presence of Head prefects on the platform           

1962 STAFF                                                                             From Gary Matthews

 1963 1A                                                                              From John Frith

Back Row: 1. ? Robertson Stevenson (nickname Tich), 3. John Frith, 4. Geoff Byrnes, 6. Andrew Green      3rd Row: 6. John McPhee                      2nd Row: 3. Geoff White (nickname Blacky), 7. David Manley            Front Row: 2. Jennifer Smith, 6. Maths teacher – Mrs. Windsor

1963 1E                                                                                                                                                                                           From Richard Lewinski 

 1963 2C                                                 from Bronwyn Mutton (Howie)                               

 1963 3A                                                                                                                                                                                 From Ruth Schmalstieg (Geringhoff)

 1963 3B                                                                                                                                                                                   From Ruth Schmalstieg (Geringhoff)


 1963 3C                                                                                                                                                                                                           From Chris Keys


 1963 - 4B                                                                            Anna Pereboom (Veldman) & Anne Landells (Briggs)

1st row: Glenda Cleary, ?, Sandra Findlay, Joan Edis, Jillian Hillard, Mrs. O’Loughlin, Lynette Dudly, Heather Sloan, Wendy Thompson, Helen Belousow, Susan Williams 2nd row:  I don’t know any of the names of these boys except the second from right: Bob Barfoot  3rd row:  H. Jefminko, Anna Veldman, Gene Battrick, Claudia Gillies, Judith Metherall, Pamela Bramley, Anne Briggs, Margaret Bongers, Nel Spruitenburg, Judy Foster, Shareen Carey 4th row: ?, ?, ?, ?, Tony Remington, ?, ?, ?, John Scott, John Garnett

 1963 4D                                                                                                                      From Frances Benson (Froukje Van de Vrugt)  

 Froukje is in the front row, first from right

 1963  5A                                                                                           From Sandra Findlay (Simon)

  1963 5B                                                    From Bill Nicoll (Names from Joan Van Der Horn (Campbell)

4th Row:

Shirley Wall,  Jackie Hather, Margaret Griffin, Dianne Churchill, Carol Arnott, Pauline Dyson, Eva Havel, Janette Douglas,

3rd Row:

Heather Canobie, Judith Connolly, Carol Flack, Bill Kerr, Dennis Atken, Gary Howe, Anne Judge, Paula Williams, Sue Davies,

2nd Row:

Bill Nicol, Ken Rawlings, Terry Villils, Tadek K       , Chris Ingham, John Davies, Peter Kavanagh,  Ken Wallis,


Jeanette Baker, Virginia Smith, Liz  Keam,  Heather Smith, Mr Ian Whykes, Kaele Phillips, Sylivia  Greaves, Joan Campbell,
 Angela Witowski

Seated on ground: Ute Martini

 1963 5C                                                                                                                                                                                 From Max Oldmeadow

1963 - 5E                                                                                         From Andrew McVean

1963 - 5F                                                                                                                                                                                       From John Van Eimeren

1963 SOCCER                                                                                       From Andrew McVean                                                                                          


 1963 Senior Softball  B                                              From Bronwyn Mutton (Howie)


1963 VOLLEY BALL                                                                From Andrew McVean

1963 -  FORM 6 GIRLS                                                                                               From Bronwyn Mutton (Howie)


1963 - FORM 6 BOYS                                                                                                                   From Bronwyn Mutton (Howie) 


1963 - PREFECTS                                                                                                                                    From Bronwyn Mutton (Howie)


1963 STAFF                                                                                                             (From Bronwyn Mutton (Howie)


1964 1B                                                                          From Lyn Thornton (Olds)

Back Row:  Geoff Cameron, Jeff Wilson, Lindsay Holder, Jeff Dunemann, David Churchill, Jimmy Allen, Geoff MacCumber, Paul Ferguson

3rd Row:  Gwen Young, Christine Thompson, Pat Ryan, Vicki Hall, Cynthia Dawson, Gillian Watkins, Grace Hulme, Marion Nutt, Vera Karpas, Erica Thomas, Christine Ansell

2nd Row:  John Mallon, Allan Rooke, Ross Perkins, Stuart Aisbett, Ron Meyer, Paul Lilley, Robin Zlonzak, Jimmy, Tssoussi, Kevin Monk, Denis Van Dammme

Front Row:  Glenda Williams, Lyn Olds, Pam Briggs, Barbara Sharp, Marise Wright, Helka Fokkema, Sue Kelly, Helen Lean, Lorraine Gilham, Jan Jager, Jan Everett

Seated:  Lorraine Woodward   Form Teacher:  Mr Szidat


1964 2A                                                                          From John Frith

Back Row: 2. Andrew Griffiths, 6. Andrew Green, 7, Geoff Byrnes, 8. John Frith              2nd Row: 3. John McPhee, 5. David Manley, 6. Graham Nash, 7. Frank Meerman, 8. Geoff White

1964 2C                                                                                                                                                                                                     From Bev Pocknee (nee Andersen)

 1964 4C                                                                                                                                                                                                            From   Chris Keys

1964 2B                                                                                              From  Paul Ashford    

 1964 - 5C                                                     From Frances Benson (Froukje Van de Vrugt)

 Froukje is in the 3rd row, 3rd from right

1964 - 5D                                                                             From Anna Pereboom (Veldman)

 1st Row:  Anna Veldman, Joan Edis, Wendy Thomson, Wendy Bright, Mrs. Vukmirovic, ?,  Helen Kimble, Sandra Clark, ? 2nd row:  no known names except third from left: Brendan Miney 3rd row:  ?, Graeme Noblet, ?, M. Skilney, Morris Dean, ?, Bob Barfoot, ?, ?, 4th row:  Lorene Mosig, ?, ?, P. Zeccola, ?, ?, Sandra Finlay, Glenda Cleary

1964 - Form 6 Boys                                                   From Max Oldmeadow, Andrew McVean, Bill Nicoll

1964 - Form 6 Girls                                 Photo & Names from Joan Van Der Horn (Campbell)

4th Row:

Elaine Rickard, Eva Havel, Barbara McCauley, Marion Kermode,  Sue Davies, Heather Canobie, Denise Johnson, Jeniffer Madison,  Denise Brookman,

3rd Row:

Margaret Matheson, Margaret Shaw, Lynette Howie,  Lee Spicer, Margaret Heath, Margaret Osborne, Marion Law, Cheryl Jackson, Solange Wynne, Frankie Ord, Margaret Griffin,

2nd Row:

Carolyn Grantham,  Kristeen Stirling, Margaret Remington, Jill Bartlett, Pam Lovell, Sylvia Greaves, Carol Kester, Joy Beard, Marion Howie, Paula  Williams, Rosemary Kelly, Chris Broderick


Barbara Goodburn, Par Taylor, Pru Barlee, Judy Orr, Colleen Waterstrom, (Form Captain)  Miss Houston, Kathy Smith,(Form Vice Captain)  Gail Raymond, Glenda Gray, Joan Campbell

Seated on ground:Elaine  Leslie, Ute Martini, Carol Bishop, Corrie Dembrave
Absent: Sue Austin, Rajendra Singh, Jan Matheson (left during the year)

 1964 HOUSE CAPTAINS                                                                                        From Andrew McVean

1964 - PREFECTS                                 Photo & Names from Joan Van Der Horn (Campbell)

3rd Row:

Peter Zecola, Len Axen,  ?   Derek, Margaret Griffin,  Geoff Hillard, Denise Johnson, Geoff Morris, Bill Nicol, Janet Cole,
Graham Noblet.

2nd  Row:

Cheryl Jackson, Wasyl  Furyk, Corrie Dembrave,  Michael Stocks, Margaret Bongers, Ted Smith, Jill Hillard, Paul Lewis,
 Bronwyn Jarvis, Douglas Noy,  Heather Canobie,


Joan Campbell, Derek Morse, Jilly Berry, Graham Cheeseman, Miss Houston, Mr Cooke, Ute Martini,  Ron Townsend,
Pru Barlee, Ian Watson

Head Prefects: Graham Cheeseman, Ute Martini
Vice Head Prefects: Jill Berry, Ron Townsend.

 1964 SOCCER                                                                                                 From Andrew McVean

 1964 VOLLEY BALL                                                                                                                                        From Andrew McVean

 1964 SPORTS DAY                                                                                                                                     From Frances Benson (Froukje Van de Vrugt)

Front row Hannelore Burcharat and Lynne Wickham. Back row Irene Inklaweicz and Ilga Auptmanis.  The old "Siberia" building is in the background.

1964 LUNCH TIME                                                        From Ruth Schmalstieg (Gertinghoff)


 1964 TASMANIAN EXCURSION                                            From Ruth Schmalstieg (Geringhoff)




 1964 Break-Up Day                                                                      From Andrew McVean

 1964 Break-Up Day                                                                      From Andrew McVean

 1964 Break-Up Day                                                                        From Andrew Mc Vean

 1965 1D                                                                                                                                                                                         From Elizabeth Turner (Marriner)

1965  IA                                                                     From Pat Sum (Hickman)

Teacher Miss Blood

1965  1C                                                                   From Liz Johnston (Gearing)

1965  1D                                                                   From     ( )

1965  1E                                                                   From Sue Zonneveldt (Wright)

1965  2B                                                                      From Lyn Thornton (Olds)

Back Row:  Geoff Cameron, Geoff MacCumber, Lindsay Holder, Alan Rooke, Gwen Young, Christine Ansell, David Churchill, Jeff Dunemann, Jimmy Allen, Paul Ferguson

3rd Row:  Christine Thompson, Jan Jager, Lorraine Gilham, Glenda Williams, Vera Karpas, Pam Briggs, Helen Lean, Virginia Birch, Jan Everett Pat Ryan, Erica Thomas,

2nd Row: Gerald Haddock, Denis Van Damme, Stuart Aisbett, Kevin Monk, Max Puddy, Robin Zlonzak, Ron Meyer, Graeme Oldmeadow, John Mallon, Barry Davis

Front Row:  Marion Nutt, Sue Kelly, Barbara Sharp, Helka Fokkema, Lyn Olds, Mrs Gillespie, Jimmy Tssoussi, Cynthia Dawson, Marise Wright, Vicki Hall, Helen Kerr

Seated:  Lorraine Woodward   Form Teacher:  Mrs Gillespie

1965  2E                                                                          From Ray Gwozdzieski


 1965 3A                                                                               From John Frith

Back Row: 2. John Frith, 6. Andrew Green, 7. Geoff Byrne, 8. Robert Stevenson      3rd Row: 7. Jennifer Smith          2nd Row: 1. Phillip (? Williams), 2. Geoff White, 3. Frank Meerman, 4. Graham Nash, 5. David Manley, 7. John McPhee       Front Row: 1. Christine Yates, 3. Robin ?,     5.Mrs P Smith Domestic Science Teacher, 6. Andrew Griffiths 

1965  3B                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       From Paul Ashford

1965 3C                                                                                                                                                                                                          From Bev Pocknee (Andersen)

 1965 5A                                                                   From Ruth Schmalstieg (Geringhoff

 1965  5B                                                                                                                                                                                           From Norma Morris (Campbell)

 1965 5C                                                                                                                                                                                  From Ruth Schmalstieg (Geringhoff


 1965 5D                                                                                                                                                                                                             From Chris Keys


 1965 6A                                                                         From Max Oldmeadow


 1965 - 6B                                                                                   From  Bill Nicoll

 1965 - PREFECTS                                                                               From  Bill Nicoll

 1965 STAFF                                                                                                                                                                                                          From Max Oldmeadow

1966 IO                                                                      From Pat Sum (Hickman)
Teacher Miss Pam Robert
1966 2B                                                                  From Elizabeth Johnston (nee Gearing)

 1966 2H                                                                  From Elizabeth Marriner (nee Turner)

1966 3F                                                                                                                                                                                                                     From Lyn Thornton (Olds)

Back Row:  ?, Jimmy Allen, ?, John Mallon, Alan Rooke, John Spirling, Denis Van Damme, Jeff Dunemann, Lindsay Holder, Paul Ferguson

3rd Row:  Diana Huisman, Sue Kelly, Nadia Furyk, Marion Nutt, Ingrid Visser, Denise Smith, Barbara Sharp, Pam Briggs, Robyn Sloan, Jeanette Orton, Jill Dawson

2nd Row: ?, John Davies, Jimmy Tsoussi, Paul Kolacz, Sam Sufra, Clive Winstanley, Kevin Monk, Grant Mathews, Stuart Aisbett, Graeme Oldmeadow

Front Row:  Petra Schmidt, Carol Forkgen, Lorraine Gilham, David Leyonhjelm, Miss Doubell, Lyn Olds, Helen Lean, ?, Erica Thomas  

   1966 4F                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    From Paul Ashford

Back Row – L to R:Pauline McLean, Coralie Hayse, Gail Hutchinson, Rosylyn Lendel, Marion McNamara, Jeanette Smith, Anne Clay, Lois Gilbert, Christine Harvey, Diane Pentford

Second Back Row:Alison McLeod, Rodney Lowe, Paul Ashford, Geoffrey Elliot, Tony McLeavy, Daryl Cheeseman, Roger Gillett, Ray Childs, John Arnott, Gary Chessell, Beverley Andersen,

Third Back Row:Helen Auldridge, Margo Buxey, Ann Stutley, Carol Gilbee, Angela Duffy, Ina Pinkster,Sue Johnson, Mary Celuk, Dianne Umbers, Annechris Vat.

First Row:Klava Savenkoff, Sandra Wasiutyyn, Jenny Stevens, Irene Rigowski, Leigh Osbourne, Beris James, Judith Field, Marion (Mick) Harrop, Helen Stubbs.        (Names supplied by Bev Pocknee (Andersen)

1966 4H                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    From Richard Lewinski

1966 4R                                                                                                                                                                                            From Former Teacher Kevin Adams


1966 6A                                                                        From Max Oldmeadow


 1966 STAFF                                                                                                                                                                                                       From Max Oldmeadow

1967 Centralian Tour                                                                                                                                                      From Paul Ashford

3rd from right - teacher Miss Fran Gass 

1967 1W                                                                                                                                                                                                                              From John Wain
Back Row: Barry Turner, Leigh Wright, Trevor Ward, John Tidmarsh, Bradley Taylor, David Wikie, Lance Young, John Wain
3rd Row: Barbara Tulloch, Marlene Turner, Wendy Richardson, Wilma Van Der Wolde, Doris Vlug, Margaret Taylor, Sue Perrin, Rosalie Saunders, Gisela Tremayne
2nd Row: Garry Threlfall, Colin Wilson, Graham Sundstrom, John Synott, George Talarico, Ian Wells, Brian White, Trevor Woodward, John Watson
Front Row: Maria Poole, Joanne Titcher, Elizabeth Williams, Lyn Sewell, Mrs Windsor, Helen Szaleki, Lynette Winberg, Christine?? Pyke, Jenny Seamons

1967 2R                                                                      From Pat Sum (Hickman)
Teacher Miss Pam Robert

 1967 3C                                                             From Elizabeth Marriner (nee Turner)

1967  3F                                                            From Sue Zonneveldt (Wrighht)

1967  3G                                                                  From Liz Johnston (nee Gearing)

1967  3L                                                                  From Pat Sum (Hickman)

Teacher Mrs Thomas

 1967  4A                                                                       From Ray Gwozdzieski

 1967 4F                                                                                                                                                                                                     From Lyn Thornton (Olds)

Back Row:  John Duncan, Lindsay Holder, Erica Thomas, Gail Kennedy, Deanne Miller, Jimmy Tsoussi, Jeff Dunemann, Paul Ferguson

3rd Row:  Marion Nutt, Marion McNamara, Nadia Furyk, Jeanette Smith, Pam Briggs, Lyn Olds, Robyn Sloan

2nd Row: David Leyonhjelm, Denis Van Damme, Stuart Aisbett, Kevin Monk, Grant Mathews, John Davies, Paul Kolacz, John Mallon

Front Row:  Christine Aisbett, Jill Dawson, Jeanette Orton, Lorraine Gilham, Mrs Vukmirovic, Sue Kelly, Pam Mundy, Diana Huisman, Petra Schmidt  

1967  5A                                                                                                                                                                                                 From Paul Ashford 

1967 5B                                                                                                                                                                        From Bev Pocknee (Andersen)

1967  ORCHID CHOIR                                                                                                                                                                   from Diane Wright (nee Dalgleish)

1968 1D                                                                       From Robert Stevens
1968 3R                                                                      From Pat Sum (Hickman)

1968 4C                                                                                 From Elizabeth Marriner (nee Turner)   

1968  4L                                                                      From Pat Sum (Hickman)

Teacher Mrs Vukmirovic (nee Dawson)

   1968 4S                                                                                                                                                                          From Paul Ashford & Sue Zonneveldt (Wright)

1968 5B                                                                                                                                                                                                                From Lyn Thornton (Olds)

Back Row:  Lindsay Holder, Wally Jefimenko, Sam Sufra, Greg Clutton, Kevin Monk, David Florence, Kevin Dalton, David Leyonjhelm

3rd Row:  Diana Huisman, Lorraine Gilham, Paul Ferguson, Vas Banschikoff, Pam Mundy, Jimmy Tsaoussi, Colin Kemp, Pam Carless, Harriet Vryken

2nd Row; Denis De George, Phillip Kavanagh, David Hooper, Chris Westwood, Robert Smith, Brian Davies, Duncan Bryan, John Davies, Ian Meyer, Denis Van Damme

Front Row:  Rosemary Jewel, Lyn Olds, Bev McFarlane, Judy Gilbert, Mr Burden, Janis Kinne, Wendy Jobling, Dianne Korlowsi, Saskia Meerman  

1968  6D                                                                                                                                                                                                                         From Paul Ashford 

1968 School Dance                                                                                                                                                           From Paul Ashford            

1969 2D                                                                                                                                                                                                                        From Robert Stevens

1969 3C                                                                                                                                                                                                                               From John Wain

Back Row: John Wain, Stephen Robertson, Stephen Nash, Lance Young, Paul Joyner, Alan Threlfall, Peter Lewellyn                                                                                   3rd Row: John Watson, Colin Wilson, Garry Threlfall, Brian White, Douglas Maxwell, Jacob Meerman, Peter Edwards, Donald Smith, Alan Anderson                   2nd Row: Donald Male, Peter Davies, Trevor Woodward, Robert Kloester, Stephen Farmer, Morris De Santis, Christopher Kelly, John Sarafis                         Front Row: Peter Ballas, Robyn Dalgleish, Kathy Pearce, Lyn Kelly, Mr O’Brien, Andrew Schmidt, Debra Birkett, Lisa Newton, Julie Melbourne

1969 4A                                                                      From Pat Sum (Hickman)

1969 5B                                                                                                                                                                                      From Sue Zonneveldt (nee Wright)

1969 5C                                                                                                                                                                                      From Diane Wright (nee Dalgleish)

 1969  5D                                                                      From Elizabeth Marriner (nee Turner)

1969 5E                                                                      From Pat Sum (Hickman)

1969  6A                                                                                                                                                                                                   From Lyn Thornton (Olds)

Back Row:  Jimmy Tsoussi, Michael Stephens, Ken Peek, Bill McKelvey

3rd Row:  Lesley Poulter, Ginette Bardet-Tosse, Gilbert Victoire, Bev McFarlane, Mark Pearce, Irene Wilkinson, Ruth Watson

2nd Row:  DavidTune, Graeme Cowling, Ron Cooke, Robert Smith, Frank Murphy, Denis Van Damme, Denis De George, Ian Simmonds

Front Row:  Klava Savenkoff, Mary Sierakowsi, Alison Smethurst, Lyn Olds, Mr Burden, Andrew Griffiths, Diane Korlowski, Barbara Sharp, Pam Carless 

 1969  6D                                                                                                                                                                                                     From Paul Ashford 

1969 RAG DAY                                                            From Lyn Thornton (Olds)



1970 4B                                                                   From Kaye Baptist & John Wain

Back Row; Leonilla Nekrasova, Lorraine Garnett, Peter Llewellyn, John Wain, Christine Edwards, Kaye Baptist

Second Row: Jenny Hamilton, Joanne Titcher, Janece Hutton, Alan Threlfall, Lance Young, Robert Griffin, Davina Perry, Elizabeth Williams, Maree Green

Third Row: Kathy Pearce, John Watson, Peter Davies, Gary Threlfall, Marion Jarvis, Faye Constantine, Paul Byrne, Colin Wilson, Roderick Gardner, Karen Hawkesworth

Front Row: Christopher Kelly, Yvonne Kyle, Robert Kloester, Pamela Mason, Mr Van Nie Kirk, John Sarafis, Anita James, Trevor Woodward, Wilma Van Der Wolde

Crouching at front:     Andrew Schmidt

1970 5C                                                                      From Pat Sum (Hickman)

Teacher Mr Gunston

1970 6D                                                                 From Pat Sum (Hickman)

Teacher Mrs Trigg

1971 4A                                                                     From Robert Stevsns

1971 4C                                                                     From Robert Stevsns

1971 6B                                                                      From Pat Sum (Hickman)

Teacher Mr Burden ?

 1972  5A                                                                                         From Norma Morris (Campbell)

 1973 1B   Various around school                                         From Brendan Murray

1973  1E                                                                                                                                                                                                             From John Zwiers


 1974  2A                                                                                                                                                                                                                     From John Zwiers


1976 2C                                                                  From John Papadopoulos

1976  4T                                                                                                                                                                                                          From John Zwiers 

 1977 1F                                                                                                                                From John Baker


1977 3C                                                                                                                                                                                                                           From John Papadopoulos

 1977 5D                                                                                                                                                                                                                          From Brendan Murray

 1977 TEACHERS IN STAFF ROOM                                                                                                                 From Brett Cox

 M Blight (Englsh), Eddie Vrieze, Rob Hansen (English), Peter Grant (Maths) , Mike Kupsch (Business)

1978 4C                                                                                                                                                                                                                   From John Papadopoulos

 1978 6B                                                                                                                                                                                                                       From Brendan Murray


2008    FORMER ARMY HUT  PHOTO 22/10/2008, By Gary Matthews


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