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   PHOTOS 1    


1920s to 1959 



In this section ex students and former staff are invited to contribute photographs of their (or family member’s) days at DHS.  These photos will be of immense interest to other former staff and students. Please take the time therefore, to clearly identify the year and form, or other context that might apply to the photo .  These can either be formal class photos, or others from your personal "school days" collection.


Photos should preferably be sent in digital format, ie, via e-mail.  If you only have hard copy photos it would assist if you could arrange to scan them first before e-mailing to the address below:

  Otherwise you can post to Dandenong High School Ex Students Association, P O Box 383 Dandenong, 3175.



Email Address: dhsexstudents@gmail.com




As far as possible photos and "links" are arranged in chronological order.  Simply scroll through to find your years at school.


So as to free up storage space, actual photos are being progressively removed from the page. Therefore, in most instances, you will need to click on the chosen year to open the photo.


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 SCHOOL IN THE 1920's                                              

Note missing West Wing, and the presence already of the relocated building to become the Sloyd room.


L to R:  Freda Bushell, Janie Corrigan, Marjorie Butler, Grace Clark, Olive Clark, Miss Ahern

? Conway, Doreen Herrick, Lizzie Clark, Violet Chapman, Ida O’Connell, Grace Boyd, Molly Brand

1924                                                                  From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)
Now with the addition of the missing West Wing (1922)  . Note the Sloyd Room at rear.

Staff on Smoko break
1927 SENIOR BASKETBALL                                                                                  From Pamela Lewis
Standing L to R:   Edna Hopkins, Ronnie Ryan, Elsie Grant, Margaret Mudge, Marjorie Scoble, Muriel Ridgeway, Alice Hall               Sitting:      Alison Winfield (Cap't)          

 1930                                                                      From Jennifer Bantow ( Cummings)

 Phyllis Sneddon on the left, (mother of Judith  and Jennifer  Cummings, DHS late '50s/early '60s) Amy Sneddon on the right. They went to Dandenong High School, in a horse drawn wagon driven by Mr Service, from Eumemmering, wearing their heavy tunics, felt hats and black stockings, summer and winter uniform.

1937  Form F2                                                                     From Barbara Kemp (nee Bracey)
William Bracey Back Row, 2nd from left
1937  Form E2                                                                     From
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 1937  Form Cc                                                                     From Norma Morris (Campbell

          Back Row:  2nd from left: Gwen Jarvis (McPhee)  3rd Row:  Last on right:  Norma Campbell 2nd Row: 3rd from left:  Ruth Shimmen (Bean)                                                                                                                                  Front Row:  First on left:  Wally Crisfield, Last on right: Fairley Peusom  


       Jim Adamson winning the mile.


    Mr Mellow (left) and Mr Cain at the                              finish line. 

1937    PREFECTS                                                                                      From

Back Row: Ron Chandler, John Farrands,  ? Turnbull :   Front Row: Jessica Ferguson, ? McDonnald, Eileen Colvin,  ?

1938    Form Dc   Girls on Frankston Pier  -  Inter-Schools Sports Day   -           From Muriel Stockdale (Stephenson)

L - R  Betty Sutton, Lil Angus, Rita Webster, Freda Wollin, Muriel Stephenson

1938    Form Dc   Girls on Frankston Pier  2 -  Inter-Schools Sports Day   -           From Gloria Welch (Vinen)

L -R Muriel Stephenson, Gloria Vinen,  ?  ,  Lil Angus,Betty Sutton,  Rita Webster

 1938 Form DC                                                                                                                                                       From Gloria Welch

Back Row: Thelma Pepper, Mona Anderson, Joan Andrews, Margaret Breen, Laura Michelmore, Joan Cameron, Elwyn Ellis, Beryl Patullo, Marjorie Hendry;                      

 3rd Row:. Allan Hassell, Marj Ellis,   ?  , Helen Pagan, Shirley Block, Gloria Vinen, Muriel Stephenson, Betty Mitchell, Jean Plowright, June Alexander, Pat Scala, Ian Gilbee;   

 2nd Row: Mona Anderson, Kath Williams, Mary Griggs, Bessie George, Gladys Jennion, Mavis Smart, Bess Carroll, Mavis Williams, Melva Knight, Joan  Kelly;          

Front Row: Janet Flint, Betty Couper, Shirley Taylor, Betty Hopkins, Thelma Whitehead, Dorothy Masterton. 

1938 Form B                                               From Jessica Farrands (Ferguson)

3rd row: First from lhs, Jessica Ferguson, 6th Norma Campbell, 7th Lesley Donaldson:  Front Row: 2nd LHS Dave Morris

 1938                                                                                                                                                                           From Jessica Farrands (Ferguson)


1939 3C                                                                                                                                                                            From Violet Blainey (Moore) 

                                                                                    Back Row: Kitty White, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Phyllis Bush, Unknown

                                                       3rd Row:   Margaret Bean, Unknown, Jessie Boyd, Kath Murphy, Phyllis Meehan, Maxine Copas, Dawn Brunet

                                                                      2nd Row: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, ,Unknown,  Beryl Breeden.

                                                                               Front Rrow:  Unknown, Joyce Mitchell, Ailsa McDowell, Violet Moore   


1939 4B                                                                                                                                                           From Margaret Haywood

 1939 PREFECTS                                                                        From Gloria Welch (Vinen))

                                                                 Back Row: Max Hamilton, Ranald Webster, Robert Hurley, Jim Reid, David Morris, Keith Fryer

                                                                         Front Rrow:  Margaret Bean,Mildred Carpenter,Connie McFarlane,Marj Aspinall, Norma Fyffe  

 1940 1A                                                                                         From Sharon Llewellyn


 1940 2A                                                                                 From June Smith (Edwards)

                                                                   Back Row: A. Dean, J. McCallum, M. McLennan, M. Coventry, A. Allan, B. Rodd, R. Lloyd, T. Bishop

                                         3rd Row: B. Wills, F. Wachter, J. Wilson, J, Singleton, W. Michelmore, J. Fal­loon, A. Quince, Clare Cornish, I. McQueen, G. Wilson

                                  2nd Row: R. Canterbury, N. Rosser, M. Harrison, B. Platt, J. Edwards, M. Ferguson, M. McFarlane, A. Pobjoy, D. Jameson, P. Grogan, J. Parkhill.

                                                         Front Rrow:  M. Gibson, A. Wilkinson, G. Mussett, D. Hutchinson, R. Lay, N. Brim­stone, N. Russell, D. Hurley  


 1940 - 3C                                                                             From Dulcie Lainson (nee Smith)

Back Row: Dawn McCabe, Norma Gearon, Shirley Gatta, Hazel Dennis, Winsome Hallett, Jean Horsborough, Margaret Hall

3rd Row: Betty O’Neill, Deanne Dennis, Dorothy Maye, Dulcie Smith, Lesley Gilbert, Beth Gardiner, Norma Foster, Pat Cline.

2nd Row: Loris Williams, Lesley McKay, Phyllis Wiffen, Janet Lynch, Joyce Badenhop, Jean Edwards, Valma Mabey, Lorna Christie, June Ford.

Front Row: Kath Waddleton, Florence Honeychurch, Valma Gough, Elaine Hill.

1940 - 4A                                                                             From Barbara Kemp (nee Bracey)
William Bracey Front Row, 4th from left, next to teacher


 1940 HOUSE CAPTAINS                                                                                                          From Marion Trigg (Dawson)         



1940 PREFECTS                                                                                                                                      From Marion Trigg (Dawson)


1941 1A                                                                                    From Don Jackson

Back Row, 3rd from RH end, is Dorothy Griffiths, last on line is (was) June Young.

4th.  Row, last on right is Norma Murphy

3rd Row – can’t put a name to any of the girls

2nd Row, 3rd from left is Frank O’Shea, next to him is Rod Banks-Smith, next to him is me, second last is I think Neil Turner, last is (was) Bill Stanhope.

Front Row:-   First is (was) Ken Dickinson, can’t give you any more names unfortunately.

1941 4A                                                                                    From Bill Howard's daughter

1941 GIRLS SWIMMING                                                       From Dulcie Lainson (Smith)


1942  2A                                                                                          From  Don Jackson

Back Row.   3rd from left is (was) Bill Stanhope, next to him is Frank O’Shea, can’t name any others in row

3rd row:-Norma Murphy, 3rd in row may (?) be Mary Murphy

2nd Row:- third from left is Dorothy Griffiths, next to her could be June Young, can’t name any others in row

Front Row – second from left may be Victor Wakley, 4th in row is (was ) Ken Dickinson, I think I may have had a sickie that day as I can’t pick one that is me.


 1942  3A                                                                                            From John Heath

 1942  3C                                                                                  From Pam Oldmeadow (Saunders)

 Back Row:  Verna Bristoe, Pat Singleton, Jean ?, Pam Chadwick, Lesley Lolmorgen, Unknown, Unknown, Elaine Pobjoy, Unknown, Grace Shimmen, Lorna Pink, Norma Keatley.             Third Row:  Gwen ? , Heather McPherson, Eva Clayton, Shirley Snell, Una Koetsveldt, Norma Wood, Ruth Goldsack, Unknown, Joan Smethurst, Unknown, Pam Saunders, Dorothy Walker Second Row: Unkown, Unknown, Unknown, Mary Stewart, Joan ?, Unkown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Winnie Koetsveldt, Valda Robertson.                                             Front Row:    Joyce Liscombe, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Bonnie Black, Mathie Brown, Unknown, Alice Wilkinson.

 1946  Form 6                                                                                       From Don Jackson


 1946  Junior Football                                                                                       From Peter Hill

 Peter Hill 2nd row, 2nd from left.                                                 Please let me know of any other names you know

 1946  Junior Cricket                                                                             From Peter Hill

 Peter Hill back row, 1st on left.                                                 Please let me know of any other names you know


1947  3A                                                                                             From Peter Hill

 Peter Hill back row, 2nd on left.                                                 Please let me know of any other names you know


1947  BOYS SWIMMING                                                                   From Peter Hill

 Peter Hill 2nd row, 1st on left.                                                 Please let me know of any other names you know

1947  SENIOR CRICKET                                                                   From Don Jackson

                                                                                                      Names written on photo directly opposite  each person.

1947 STAFF                                                                                     From Don Jackson

Back Row:-, Mr Horsfall, Mr Clancy, Mr Ford, ?

2nd Row:-  can’t place any of them save that Mr Barnes is at the right hand end of row.

Front Row:- Mr Sinclair, Mr Brumley, Mr Griffiths, Miss Armstrong, can’t place others

1947 DHS FRONT LAWN                                                                    From Don Jackson


1948  2C                                                                                                 From Lou Russell


 1949  3B                                                                                           From Lou Russell


 1949 Sports Day                                                                                           From Lou Russell


 1950 2C                                                                                     From Miss Stainforth per Bill Nicholl


1950  4B                                                                                                 From Lou Russell


 1950 STAFF                       From Miss Stainforth (per Bill Nicoll)


1951  1D                                                            From Janet West (Alderton)

 1951  3A                                                          From Wendy Smythe (Williams)


1951 3B                                                                                                       From Barry Newton

1951 3D                                                                                          From Merrill Hassall (Hydon)

 Back row, Left to right: Graeme Matthews, Max Cleland, Geoff Clyne, Robert Constable, Aldo Gozola, Ron  Hickmott,  John Emerton, Len Dow, Gary Leed, Norman Johnson , Allan Gilmore. Second row: Barry Trebilco, Robert Jones, Leila Miller, Norma Fountaine, Merrill Hydon (now Hassall), Pamela  Gooding, Susan Wilde, Beryl Connell, Dorothy Clark, Daniel Indikt, Ashley Cadd. Third row: Valerie Harris, Beverley Brewer, Valerie Earl, Mr. Randall, Miss Power, Judith Stutterd, Mary Canny,  Marlene Lawless, Elaine Isles. Front row: John Ragg, Max Smith, Derek Prior, Laurie Dyall.


                                                           Merrill Hydon pictured at her home in Oakleigh

 1951 4A                                                                                          From Miss Stainforth per Bill Nicholl


1951 FORM 5                                                                                           From Lou Russell


1951 JUNIOR FOOTBALL                                                                             From Max Oldmeadow

1951 STAFF                       From Miss Stainforth & Max Oldmeadow

                                                                        Back Row: Messrs. McCarthy, Lake, Barnes, McCubbin, Warrall, Randles, Carroll.                                                        

                                             Middle Row:Mrs. Nicholson, Messrs. Everett, Ellis, Robertson, Oldmeadow, Brumley, Alexander, PCW  Langford, MacDonald, Shade

   Front Row: Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Skinner, Miss Power, Miss Whelan, Miss Dee, Mr.Griffiths, Miss Armstrong, Miss Stainforth, Miss Banks, Miss Dawson, Miss Rofe, Mrs. Kelly



1951                                                                          from "The Gate"


Gordon Young (Wattle House Captain) winning the 220 yards, in 23.4 seoconds, a new record.





For our annual entertainment this year we presented Humperdinck's fairy opera. "Hansel and Gretel." in the Dandenong Town Hall on Thursday and Friday. 28th and 29th June.

It was ambitious for a ' school to attempt such a difficult production. but. inspired by Miss L.Rofe. the producer and musical directress. Pupils and teachers. singers . actors. orchestra, choirs, electricians. scene-shifters, carpenters and scene-painters co-operated enthusiastically to make the two performances a success.

In order not to disappoint the courageous young singers and actors who had volunteered

to take part. Miss Rofe decided that there should be two complete casts of principals.

They were:-

Thursday                                                          Friday

Hansel              Laurence Davis                         Hansel              Janet Hartrup

Gretel               Rosemary McHenry                  Gretel               Mary Whiteside           

Mother             Valerie Banks                           Mother               Joan Loveland                         

Father              WiIIiam Noblet                         Father                Michael Kinsella                      

Witch               Helen Tatterson                         Witch               Anne Buckland

Dewman           Bruce Willmott                         Dewman           David McLean

Sandman          Graeme Jackson                        Sandman          Graeme Jackson

Mr. Barnes, the financial wizard , reported afterwards that this fine entertainment showed a net profit of £114 for school funds.

 1952 STAFF                       From Miss Stainforth (per Bill Nicoll)

 1952  1D                                                                                                                                                   From Nola Thornburgh (Matthews)


1952  2D                                                                     From Janet West (Alderton)

 1952 4A                                                                    From  Wendy Smythe (Williams)


1952 4D                                                                    From Merrill Hassall (Hydon)
Back row, Left to Right: -- --, Derek Prior, -- --, -- --, Barry Trebilco.Middle row: Aldo Gozola, Len Dow, Max Cleland, -- ---, Norman Johnson, Max Cleland, Robert Jones.Front row: Joy Anderson, Dorothy Turner, Noelle Courtney, Marlene Lawless, Beverley Brewer, Anne Wallace, Mr, McCubbin, Merrill Hydon(now Hassall), Elaine Isles, Valerie Harris, Valerie Earl, Susan Wilde.

Merrill Hassall (Hydon) pictured while in Form 4.   Carol Nicholas, from another  class, in cooking apron, walking past. SPECIAL NOTE;  the old "School-House" building (later called "Siberia", when it was moved to the James  St boundary, can be seen behind the Boys Locker Room, later gym. (The only photo so far showing this building in this position)

 1952 SPORTS DAY                                                        From Wendy Smythe (Williams)

                           4A Girls Barbara Turner and Margaret Graham

                           4A's Aileen Stuart 


 1952 GIRLS TENNIS                                                                                          From Max Oldmeadow

  1953 STAFF                                                                                                               From Max Oldmeadow           

                                       Note Mr Langford (returned from retirement) seated next to the newly arrived Headmaster, Mr Andrews 

 1953 GIRLS TENNIS                                                                                         From Max Oldmeadow

1953  1A                                                                                                                                                                               From Allison Matthews


 1953 2A                                                                                                                                                      From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


1953  2C                                                             From Nola Thornburgh (Matthews)


1953  3A                                                                     From Janet West (Alderton)

 1953 Form 5 GIRLS                                                      From Wendy Smythe (Williams)


 1953  LUNCH TIME                                         From Wendy Smythe (Williams) & Merrill Hassall (Hydon)

                                        Form 5 girls (from the left,  Helen Downes,  unknown,  Helen Shaw and Margot Mumme in front

1953                                                             From Merrill Hassall (Hydon)
Single click on thumbnail photo to open, scroll down to see names, click "Next" on top right of photo, click outside of photo to return to main list.

 1954 GIRLS TENNIS                                                                                                                                                                                                                             From Max Oldmeadow

1954 1D                                                                                                                                                                                                               From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


 1954  2A                                                                                       From Allison Matthews


 1954 3                                                                                                                                                                     From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


1954 4A                                                                    From Janet West (Alderton)
1954 Form 5 GIRLS                                                  From Merrill Hassall (Hydon)

Back row: Noelene Murphy, Margaret Davis, Ruth Singer, Jennifer Jobson, Mai  Svalbe, Fay Grigg. Middle row; Barbara Newton, Barbara Bartlett, Beverley Walker, Barbara Downes, Beverley Shadforth, Dorothy Harmer, Merrill Hydon (now Hassall), Carol Nicholas, Wilma Robert, Felicity Smith, Judith Barker Front row: Kay Gillespie, Anne Pettigrove, Dorothy Bates, Anne Garner, Barbara Murphy, Megan Evans, Miss Taylor, Jeanette Orr, Elsa Carroll, Diana Begg, Valerie Gertson, Helen Speed.  Absent, Helen Wills.

1954 One Tree Hill Excursion                                          From Merrill Hassall (Hydon)
Single click on thumbnail photo to open, scroll down to see names, click "Next" on top right of photo, click outside of photo to return to main list.
1954 Form 5 BOYS                                                     From Merrill Hassall (Hydon)

Back row: Hubert van Delft, Ken Rout, Euen Slater, George Vincent.Middle row; Bruce Grant, John Hartnell, Jim Athorn, Ken Dimsey, Hank Muskens, Chris Neville, Derek Prior, Max Adlam, David Cox.       Front row: George Robinson, John Brady, Kias  Muskens, Jim Viggers, Ted Hook, Mr. Russell, Charie Zoutendyck, Ray Leeson, Geoff Stephens, Barry Gilbert, Kelvin Hazlett.

 1954 - 6                                                                                   From Helen Loughman (Downes)                    


1954 GIRLS SWIMMING                                           From Marian Chalker (Murray)

 1954 - Magazine Representatives                                 From Helen Loughman (Downes) 


 1955 STAFF                                                                                                                 From Max Oldmeadow

 1955 - 1B                                                                                 from Margaret Rogers

1955 2B                                                          From Graeme Vale                     
(Graeme is last on the right, back row)  Other names (not in order) are shown on this list.  Please let us know if you can position any of the names in the photo.

1955 2C                                                                                                                                        From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


1955  3C                                                                                        From Allison Matthews


1955 4A                                                                    From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


1955 Form 5 Girls                                                             From Janet West (Alderton)


                                                                                        Ross, Ross, John

1955 GIRLS ATHLETICS                             From Marian Chalker (Murray)

 1955 BASKETBALL  A                                                                                 From Miss Stainforth per nephew Bill Nicholl

1955 SENIOR FOOTBALL                                                                                               From Max Oldmeadow


 1956 STAFF                                                                                                                                         From Max Oldmeadow & Miss Stainforth

 1956 1D                                                                                                                                                 From Wim Reyntjes

Back Row:   Graham Hill,  Alan Sawyer, Malcolm Pettigrove, Russel Rolls, - ? -, Wim Reyntjes,  Graeme Dowel,  (?) Uhlman,  Peter Ross,  Adrian Greenslade, Karl  Demezchenko, Ken Davidson,  Bernard Phillips,  Robert Soek, Andre Bokos, Tim Kupsch
Row 3: Margaret Westaway, - ? -,  - ? -,  - ? -,  Catherine Farr,  - ? -,  - ? -,  - ? -, - ? -,  - ? -, - ? -  Denise(?) Co0rrigan,  Pam Clark,  Lucy Coco, Maureen (?) Corrigan
Row 2:  - ? -, Ira Longmuir,   Heather Ross, Carol Gange,  - ? - , Karen Kingman, Margaret Fowler,     Mrs Everett, Eunice Wood, - ? -,  - ? -,  - ? -, - ? -,  - ? -, - ? -
Front Row:  John O’ Brien, Clive Neville, Pat O’Brien

 1956 2B                                                                                                                                                                                         From Margaret Rogers


 1956 2C                                                                  From Carmel Judge  

1956 3D                                                                                                                                                                                       From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


                                      1956        Eunice and Dot

 1956      Gavin Mooney


Mildura/Dandenong Sports Day 1956                             From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


1956 GIRLS TENNIS                                                                From Marian Chalker (Murray)
1956 GIRLS HOCKEY  B                                                             From Marian Chalker (Murray)

1956 GIRLS TEAM ATHLETICS                                                From Allison Matthews





                                   At Sports Day


 1956 SWIMMING SPORTS - Dandenong Baths                             From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)



 1956 BASKETBALL  A                                                                               From Miss Stainforth per nephew Bill Nicholl

 1956 SENIOR FOOTBALL                                                                                                                                                  From Max Oldmeadow 

1957                                                                                                      from "The Gate"



Fred Noblet (Wattle) winning the mile, with "Siberia" in the background.


1957  2C                                                                                                                                                                                              From Wim RReyntjes

Back Row: Robert Smith, Laddick Galenda, Graeme Pateman, Colin Phillips, Clive Parsons,        Gordon Lowing, Peter Ross, Clive Neville, Wim Reyntjes,  Henk Schoonbeek,  Russell Rolls,  Tim Kupsch, Richard Allen

3rd Row: Anne Fyfe, Diane Whittle, Lois Edwards, - ? -,  Catherine Farr,  Geraldine Phillips,             Diane Butcher,  Heather Ross,  Jill Vaughan, Val McIntyrer,  Denise Kendall,  -?.

2nd Row:  Bev Robbie, Pam Oultram, Joan Tuinzing, - ? -,  - ? -, Judith Cummings, Mr Ion Whykes, Gillian Ellett, - ? -, Eunice Wood, Margaret Fowler, Shirley Hopgood, Margery Richards, - ? –

Front Row: Charles Searby, Ian Blackhurst, Graham Hill, John O’Brien, Pat O’Brien,  (/) Hatherly, Bernard Phillips, Malcolm Pettigrove, Andrew Rout

 1957 4B                                                                          From Monica Richmond (Phillips)


1957 4D                                                                                     From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


1957  6                                                                       From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


 1957 HIGH JUMP                                                          From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)

 Brian Phillips clearing the bar. ('Bristol' pre-fab building in the background, Woodwork room, which formerly adjoined the main building, is to the left)

 1957 -  STAFF OF "THE HINGE" (4B Parents' Day)  From Monica Richmond (Phillips)                        

From Left: Denise Ward, Leigh Ward, Helen McLachlan, Margaret Sloan, Walter Ryland, Bernie Wilton, Glenys Johns, Monica Phillips, Doug Farr, Tony Thorne, George Nikolajuk, John Leah,                    Barbara Bolch, 1B and Mervyn Smyth, 2A


1957                                                                           From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)

                                                                                                              Eugene and Dot

                                                                                                                      Irene Janet and Anthea



 Irene Perlstein                                                                                                                          Marlene Morris

 1957                                                                            From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)        

 Gail and Verna Jenkins

  Verna Jenkins & friends

 1957 Football Trip to Warragul                                          From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


1957                                                                            From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)

 Irene and Jean

 Julie, Zoe, Laurel, Norma and Dot


Affectionately known by the now politically incorrect  title of "Greasy John's"

 1957 House Athletics Sports                                               From Gail Saddller (Jenkins)



                                                                            Single click to enlarge, hover on thumbnail to see captions.


 1957 SENIOR FOOTBALL                                                  From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


 1957 Quadrangle                                                            From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


 Teachers cars, having been "re-positioned"  in quadrangle on break-up day. Signs read 'No Parking', and 'Tip Closed'.

 1957  Ken Bennett recruited to VFL            from  Gail Saddler (Jenkins)

1957  Ken Bennett Playing with Collingwood                 from  Gail Saddler (Jenkins)

 1957 Form 6 Party                                                         From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)



 1957 PREFECTS                                                              From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)

1957 MR ANDREWS & MISS TAYLOR                                       From

 1958 STAFF                     From Miss Stainforth (per Bill Nicoll)

 1958                                                                                                     from "The Gate"












Our "Editor", Don Metcalfe (centre) taking his share of the glory on the pdium at the House swimming sports, which in those days were held at the Dandenong Baths. 



   Science teacher, Mr (Bob) Baines, on the amenities block roof at the above swimming sports, announcing the events  (from Ted Hook). 

 1958 - 1C                                                                                                                                                                                    From Yvonne Elliott

Names for this photo

 1958 - FORM 2A                                                                                                                                                                                                                 from Gary Matthews

1958 3B                                                                                                                                                                                          From Wim Reyntjes

Back Row:  Pat O’Brien, Malcolm Pettigrove, Mick Husa, Peter Stocks, Laddick Galenda, Rodney Mills, Charles Searby,  Gordon Lowing, Clive Parsons, Peter Ross, Wim Reyntjes, Robert Handley, Bernard Phillips, Robert Smith, Tim Kupsch, Graham Hill

2nd Row, LesTrembath, John O’Brien, Colin Phillips, Daryl Hood, Henk Schoonbeek, Eunice Wood,  Diane Butcher,  Catherine Farr, Pam Maddocks, Geraldine Phillips, Jill Vaughan, Joan Tuinzing, Barry Ingle, Peter Smythe, Tom Smith, Daryl Hopkins, Andre Bokos, John Hutton.

Front Row:  Mary Ryland, (?) Hamilton, Lois Edwards, Margery Richards, Anna Ernholm (?) ,       Gillian Ellett, Wendy Cornwall, Mr Rich, Heather Ross, Judith Cummings, Pam Oultram, Elsbeth Klein, Pam Clark, Carol Gange

 1958 - 4A                                                                                                                               from Margaret Rogers

 1958 5A                                                                      From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


 1958 5B                                                                       From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


 1958 Harrietville Excursion                                               From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


 2nd pic above: Fred Noiblet with bus driver. Immediately above: Pam, Sandra  & Janet

   Single click to enlarge, hover on thumbnail to see captions.

 1958 HOUSE ATHLETICS SPORTS                                     From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)            

 Orchid House Girls preparing for official announcement of results

 Top Photo: Michael Morris at start of 220  yds, Note the beginnings of the new wing in the background.Bottom Photo: Ken & Bruce.


Fred Noblet lying 2nd in mile


 Fred has hit the front in the back straight, Bruce Young  pacing him in the background. (Note "new building" under construction.)


Fred overcomes the opposition and wins another mile for Wattle.


MORE 1958 SPORTS DAY                                                From Carmel Judge



 Fred Noblet and David Brindle

 Ruby ??  and Marcia Chalmers

1958  INTER-SCHOOL SPORTS                                   From Trevor and Ira Turner

 2ND Row, first from right Trevor Turner, (without cap)  behind him, 3rd from left Ray Van Der Plight, over Trevor's left shoulder, Ian Edgoose, back row 3rd from right, John Brown, extreme right, John (Swampy) Reid.

 1958                                                                                       From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)

Truus, Margaret, Marion & Helen



  Marlene, Jackie, Meg and Bev

                                         Don Metcalfe admiring the view from the roof of Room 9





                                                                Faye and Judy                                                                                  Judy Meade

 1958 Junior Girls Hockey                                               From Bronwyn Mutton (Howie)

 1958 PREFECTS                                                              From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)          


1958 LAST ASSEMBLY                                       From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


 1959 1A                                                            From Bill Nicoll (Names Joan Van Der Horn (Campbell)

4th Row:

Les MacDonald, Frank Wells, Bill Nicol, Stefan Czajkowski, Bill Andrews, Richard Petrowski, Les Midro,  Graham Oliver, Harry Westerndorp, Quentin Buckley

3rd Row:

Elaine Leslie, Margaret Osborne, Doreen Bland, Joan Campbell, Beryl Ulhman, Greta Van Wanderin, Sylvia Greaves, Carol Robertson, Leonie Booker, Jeanette White, Janet Byrne

2nd Row:

Steven MacIntosh, Kevin Curtis, Barry Gilchrist, John Dalton, Peter Thompson,Brian Boote, Ian Watson, Stan Wassylko, Rodney Sheard,  Philllip Adams,  Ray Watschur, Gordon Griffin

1st Row:

Marion Law, Jenny Pearce, Pat Taylor, Pru Barlee, Hank Prins, Mrs Windsor, Annette Dean, Susan Stainsby, Elke Nissen, Janice Robinson, Heather Smith


Cheryl Jackson, Eve Jelenik, Jeff Batten, Robyn Brown, Judy Connelly


1959 1D                                                                       From Bronwyn Mutton (Howie)



1959 2C                                                                                                                                                                                                          From Yvonne Elliott & John Van Eimeren

Names for this photo 

1959  4B                                                                                                                                        From Wim Reyntjes

Back Row: Graham Hill, Robert Smith, Peter Smythe, Pat O’Brien, Mick Husa, John O’Brien,              Tim  Kupsch,  Laddick Galenda,

4th Row: Margery Richards, Yvonne Ridder , Lois Edwards, Eunice Wood, Joan Tuinzing, Jill Saunders,

 Jacqui Hawkes ,  Elsbeth Klein, Pam Clark, Gillian Ellett

3rd Row: Robert Handley, Ralph Sutcliffe, Wim Reyntjes, Peter Ross, Simon Jefferson, Clive Parsons,      Gordon Lowing, Norbert Nissen, Daryl Hood, Bernard Phillips, Rodney Mills

2nd Row: Judith Cummings, Wendy Cornwall, Catherine Farr,  Richard Allen, Pam Oultram,                 Mr Greg O’Loughlin, Pam Maddocks, Andre Bokos, Heather Ross, Jill Vaughan

Front Row:  Barry Ingle, Les Trembath, Colin Phillips, Peter Stocks

1959                                                                                                                            From Tim Kupsch
Bernie and Brian Phillips with Tim Kupsch

 1959 - 5A                                                                                                                    from Margaret Rogers

 1959 - 5B                                                                                                                        from Margaret Rogers

 1959 GIRLS BASKETBALL                                                                                                                     From 'The Gate'

1959 Basketball.pdf 1959 Basketball.pdf
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 1959 - VOLLEY BALL                                                                 from Margaret Rogers


 1959 GIRLS TENNIS                                                                     From Gail Saddler (Jenkins)


 1959 PREFECTS                                                       From Gail Saddler (nee Jenkins)

 1959 STAFF                                 From "The Gate"





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